Monday, August 6, 2007


One question has been answered - the reason my clothes fit a bit better is that I'm taking vitamins. Not that the vitamins themselves are "magic pills" that are making me smaller; it's just that I forgot that B complex vitamins make me nauseous, so that as a result of taking them, the idea of eating anything is, well, unpleasant.

[Now if I could just get my office to stop moving around so much, I might be able to get some work done....]

* D*** It, It's Monday.


Lynn said...

B complex smells funny, too. :-)
Sometimes I hear people say that they lose a bit of weight in summer when the heat steals their appetite, too.

lawyerchik said...

That could be part of it, too. It's been wicked hot here lately - hot and humid. Blech!!