Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crazy: The Musical

I haven’t seen “Menopause: The Musical” or whatever it is that’s been playing on off-off-Broadway (or wherever), but as I started thinking about why women “go through the change” the way they do, I imagined it as if our bodies were factories and they plug along, working on getting the eggs ready to go out the door, only nothing happens with the product. Nobody picks it up, so the factory line starts all over again. (For some women, that is. I realize that there are women out there who WISH they had that problem, and others who wish that the factory shut down entirely.)

By the time peri-menopause hits, I think it’s just that the factory workers are figuring, hey, nothing’s happening and we’re getting to the end of our supply, so why not kick back and have a beer or two? If enough time goes by with no product development, they start a conga line, break out the rum and make daiquiris. In full-blown menopause, the workers have shut down production entirely, and they’re all in the bar whooping it up and doing tequila shooters until they’re under the table or passed out on the bar.

OK, it’s maybe a little bit crazy, but it works for me….

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