Monday, March 6, 2006

Weekend Update

If my weekend were an Oscar movie, which movie would it be? Certainly not "Brokeback Mountain" (and honestly, were they really surprised they didn't win best picture?), but not "Crash", either. No, I'd have to go with "Good Night, and Good Luck."

The first guy was nice - kind of shy, and clearly not comfortable with the whole dating thing. Probably used to a lot of rejection, since he didn't smile easily or well, and he made several excuses for a lot of his past experiences, but he was nice. Unfortunately, he lives a lot further away than either of us could probably deal with, but it was nice to meet him. Told me a little more about his family dynamics and health issues than I was prepared to deal with on a first meeting, but that's OK.

The second guy ... suffered because I was a little burned out from the first guy. I have to say, as ego-boosting as it was to have 2 dates in one weekend with two different guys, I don't know how people do it! It's exhausting getting ready for meeting two totally different guys. This one was more polished, a little more ... expectant, perhaps, is a good word, and he lived a little closer, but still not a long-term prospect. Nice to chat with over coffee, but that was it. Which was OK. It was better than "so, you're not going to ask me back to your place" guy from a couple of weeks ago!! :)

Regardless of the outcome, though, going through the motions was a good idea. You never know when doing things like that will lead you into something you really want unless you get out there and start trying. I find that I am particularly bad at that - I want to keep doing the same things, but I want something totally different to happen when I do. If I remember right, that's a definition of insanity someplace: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

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