Tuesday, April 4, 2006

A bit of history

With all of the babies being born around me (for which I take absolutely no credit*), I thought it might be a valuable tip for those parents to point out an author that I just recently located - again.

Susan Wise Bauer, a former classmate at Liberty University, has written "The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child" (a three-volume set) for use in homeschooling children. While I have not read the books, there is a reasonable treatment of them on Amazon.com. As with anything, investigate, draw your own conclusions, and make choices that will suit you, but I intend to locate and at least read "The Well-Trained Mind" (written for adults) in support of an old friend. She has another book coming out in 2007 which I will watch for as well.

It's wonderful to read about old college friends and to learn that they are doing well in their fields. I've toyed with the idea of reaching out to former classmates, and in fact have actually made contact with a couple, albeit with mixed results. However, that's something probably best left for another day (and possibly professional analysis!). Otherwise, I would just be engaged in more grousing and complaining, of which I do enough as it is.

[*The point of this is simply that it's amazing that - as a single, never-married mother of a cocker spaniel - I seem to be around a veritable breeding ground for babies. Since I started working in my current job, there have been 6 births (one of which involved twins), and there are now 2 pregnancies both due at around the same time (again, one of which involves twins). 8 babies in less than 3 years is a lot of baby showers! Plus, my youngest brother and his wife had a baby girl at the end of October 2005, so that's 1 baby about every 4 months. On one hand, it's cool to be so close to the miracle of birth. On the other hand, it's a regular reminder that I don't have children, don't have a husband, and at my current age, am not likely to have either. I actually boycotted a baby shower this last weekend because I just couldn't do it. Yes, I know this makes me a horrid friend.]

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