Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer Goals Meme

Summer Goals:

1. Clean my house - really clean it, not just straighten,
2. Which will involve organizing the basement and throwing things out,
3. Going through the clothes I've accumulated and donating anything worthy of donating, but tossing the stuff I don't need/wear/haven't worn in a year, and
4. Thoroughly washing and airing all bedding items, including comforters and pillows.
5. Preparing for the Detroit Turkey Trot and New Year's Eve run. (I was going to say "runs", but that sounded a bit too excremental).
6. Having the brakes and serpentine belt replaced on my car.
7. Restoring the china cabinet I bought on eBay earlier this year.
8. Moving everything out of the existing china cabinet and into the new one.
9. Making a decision about whether I am going to sell the old dining room set, donate it (for the tax deduction), or keep it (and if so, where????).
10. Replace the vanity in my half bath - which has already been painted in a color that still makes me smile!!
11. Develop a workout that I will actually do regularly in furtherance of item #5.
12. Make (and keep) an appointment with a dentist for a cleaning.
13. Make (and keep) an appointment with my doctor for a physical.
14. Take all of the books I've weeded out of my book collection to a local hospital (except for 2 that I'm not sure should be out in the public, such as "The DaVinci Code" and "Purpose Driven Life").
15. Having at least one weekend a month of fun that is memorable enough to think back on and smile when it's winter and I'm bummed.

OK, that's my list. You're it - what's yours? :)

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