Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mid-Afternoon Check-Up

I’m starting to feel a little better on one hand and a little queasier on the other.

Better because the demon-client is being redirected to other people. Queasier because I’m a little apprehensive about how my rejecting this client because they are so evil is going to play with the powers that be. I still stand by my decision - it was interfering with my health (physical and mental), and it had to be done.

I still have to turn the hot water tap off from the basement, unscrew the handle on the thingie under the sink, take the valve out and get 2 more from Home Depot. Then, I can put the whole thing back together, turn the hot water back on and run my dishwasher through its maiden voyage.

I also deleted the shortcut to the Spider Solitaire game today. It was just too freakin’ tempting.

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