Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well, don't I feel silly! All of my emotional investment in this weekend's plans and my flight got cancelled! Not just the one I was supposed to be on last night, but all of them until at least Sunday evening!! :) (Sigh!)

Next time, and I hope there will be a next time, I'm going to try to get out earlier. I left work early in the afternoon this time, but next time, I'll just take the earliest flight I can get and take the day off.

Oh well.

Puppy-boy is at the kennel anyway. I'm a bad mama. I figured, he's probably having fun today playing with other dogs and getting a much-needed bath, so I will take advantage of the babysitter services and get the work done at work and at home that I can't always focus on because my attention is split between what he's doing and whether he needs a walk or if he is lonesome. I'll pick him up as scheduled tomorrow afternoon, and between now and then, I can stay at the office the rest of the day, go home and vacuum (he hates the vacuum and tries to bite it, so it's better to vacuum when he isn't home), and then stay up until whenever cleaning the basement.

Whoopie. :)

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