Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!!

This is one Hallmark holiday that I do not mind celebrating, especially since one of the world's best secretaries works with me. I started to say, "I have one of the world's greatest secretaries....," but it sounded weird - weird and condescending.

Anyway, our office did a catered lunch in the office for everyone that turned out very, very well. The food was delicious (chicken marsala, pasta palomino, green beans and carrots, salad, rolls and dessert), and people seemed to enjoy just sitting down and eating together - we don't get to do that very often at all.

Having just concluded my second week with Dr. Atkins, however, I did not participate.... I did have a piece of chicken afterwards - I had to make sure it tasted good! - but I just didn't trust myself to only eat what was on my diet plan in the face of all of that temptation. Especially not the pasta palomino - which was a penne pasta with what looked like a tomato-cream sauce.... (droolllllllllll). The desserts looked .... OK. Nothing smashing to write home about, but then again, I wasn't really looking at the desserts.

Instead, I went home and took my dog outside to go potty and made scrambled eggs with cream cheese and sat with him for a little while before heading back to work.

He has been doing this drooling thing for a while now that just cracks me up. The rule is, when I eat, he gets a bite, but only after I'm finished. This has worked very well to keep him from jumping on other people who may come over for a meal while we're eating, as well as when we are at someone else's house.

So instead of physically begging (sitting up, putting his paw on me, etc.), he just sits there and drools. We're talking BIG drops of dog drool that make wet spots on the floor!! I feel so bad for him when he does that because I know he wants whatever it is I'm eating, but he sits there like a drooling rock until it's his turn!! If I can, I will get a picture of this, because I want it for his doggie book anyway. (Doggie book = baby book for those of us with four-legged children).

By the time I came back to work, everyone had finished eating, but people totally loved it. With about 60 people in our office (25 attorneys and the rest support and administrative/paraprofessional staff), it worked out to about $25/attorney, but we didn't have to do much of the clean-up, and we did NONE of the cooking this year. Caterers rock!!

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