Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Re-Cap

It's Monday. In a spirit of trying to make things look better, I need to say the following:

1. We had a drop-dead gorgeous weekend this weekend. Temps in the 70s and 80s, sunshine, nice breeze - perfection!! My peony bushes grew 5 inches. :)

2. I'm painting my half-bath on the main floor and I still have white paint (Kilz) on my hand. Dummy me, I didn't realize that the leftover paint in the basement was not water-based, so I didn't get any paint thinner (being slightly afraid of it because of its flammable characteristics).

3. I totally ROCKED on the Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds - their happy meal toys from the Wizard of Oz were snatched up very quickly by collectors, but I had bought them early and got 6 sets before they disappeared. Since my nieces are not the least bit interested in them (dumb kids!), I have been able to share them with my friends at work who are thrilled to pieces. I'm down to 4 sets and I have homes for all of them. :)

Those are the good things.


I started to disgorge the bad things I was thinking of when I felt compelled to post this, but I decided to wait until after I had something to eat, in case I felt better. Which I did. Which leads me to this reminder that I took away from one of the first jobs I had after I got out of law school (working on a series of cases in psychiatric malpractice. Long story. Won't go into it now):

Never let yourself get too:

H - ungry
A - ngry
L - onely
T - ired

(Like how the whole thing spells "HALT"?? I thought it was very clever!!)

Good advice.

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