Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Secretaries' Day!!

OK, it's a day late, but we celebrated it here in our office today, and what an awesome event!

One of the newer attorneys in our office asked our office manager what is done for those members of our support staff (who by the way are THE most awesome people on the planet!) who aren't "officially" assigned to anyone and therefore not likely to receive any recognition or thanks for all of their hard work. As they talked, she suggested that the attorneys give the staff a lunch in the office, similar to the one they give us on Bosses' Day. And they do a really nice job for that, too - as I said: we have the most awesome people in our office!

Anyway, the lunch went very well, and everyone was truly touched that the attorneys had taken the initiative to plan and execute something like that for them, and they are SO totally worth the effort!

To all of the secretaries, administrative assistants, and support staff who really do make the world an easier place to work,

THANK YOU!!!!! :)

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