Monday, April 30, 2007


What a week! What a weekend!

I don't know where the time went, but boy! did it go fast! I feel like I've been away for weeks.

Here's the recap: I have been looking for a china cabinet to go with my grandparents' old table and chairs. They're similar to the Duncan Phyfe look, so in a way, that makes it easy to find lots of pieces, but the color is a bit different, and EVERYBODY (apparently) was also looking for these things, so it's been a bit rough.

UNTIL this past week, when I scored this:

$61.00 on eBay. :) I spent the day Saturday driving from my house to Niles, Michigan (which is almost as far west as you can drive in Michigan and still be in Michigan). The stuff inside it was not included.

Can I just make a little plug here for Enterprise Rent-a-Cars? They hooked me up with this sweet Dodge Ram pickup truck that was a true beast of burden. Weekend 3-day special, 50% off their regular rates, so I had this monster truck to drive out to Niles and back for $100.71 (including tax), and unlike U-Haul, no per-mile mileage charge!! Whoo-hoo!

When you combine the $61.00 plus the truck rental (and the cost for gas - Oh! the gas prices these days!), I spent about $245.00 for this china cabinet total. Not bad, really. And while the top of it needs to be repaired - actually, the whole thing needs a good cleaning/restoration - the finish matched my grandparents' old table and chairs perfectly. I was so excited.

My neighbor (bless his heart) helped me get it into the house, because although it wasn't heavy, it was a little awkward. Once it was in the house, I was able to bring one of the chairs up to check it, and voila! Perfect match!

I spent Sunday afternoon/evening at work, getting caught up on my timesheets which are now done through yesterday. And so, today, my brain is mush - nothing left to give, and only the projects waiting for me at home to taunt me.

I DID have to take the truck back today, but I combined the task with a walk for my dog, who loved going in the truck, loved going for a walk, and loved getting home for a drink of water and a treat (it was a bit of a hike, but not longer than our usual - it was just warm today).

So, that was my week/weekend!! How was yours?

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