Monday, May 7, 2007

Don't say the "P" word!!

"P" is for "partner."

Who says lawyers, particularly partners, don't have a sense of humor? The top two guys on our letterhead are away for the week this week, leaving the third guy in charge. He sent this email around this afternoon (it was too funny not to share). Everything but the stuff in brackets is his - names have been changed to protect the innocent:


As most of you are probably aware, Mom and Dad ([Bill and Ted]) have gone to Germany for the week. While they would like everyone to think they are really working hard, we all know better. This is the first time that Mom and Dad have left us home alone since I moved in in 1999. In honor of their trusting us so much, I have created a group email that doesn't include either of them. From this email address, we can now send emails that doesn't include either of them.

First, I think we should have a birthday party for [Bill] tomorrow even though he won't be here. In honor of [Bill]'s birthday, we are having pizza and salad brought in for anyone that wants it tomorrow. Just let [Jane - office manager] know if you are attending by the end of the day so we know how much to order.

On Friday, we are having a denim day for no reason at all. It has been suggsted that perhaps we want to take up a collection for the devastated area of Kansas, but any donation is going to be voluntary.

That's it for now campers, but if you think of any other fun things while mom and dad are gone. just let me know.


The "denim day" reference is to the practice of some businesses (formerly ours) of allowing their employees to wear jeans to work in exchange for a contribution to an agreed-upon charity. Our office's "denim day" was suspended due to the practice of some staff members of wearing jeans with holes in them. Yes, it was an attorney; no, it wasn't me.

I love my job!!

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