Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on Joy

Just got a call from my mom. There is a family in their church that has recently started attending. They have seven kids and not a lot of money. The short version is that the home they had been living in (I think they were renting) got sold out from under them, so they had to find housing fairly quickly. The housing issue was resolved because another couple (unrelated to them) were going through a divorce and trashed their house.

As a result, this couple with the 7 kids was able to get something relatively inexpensively that needed a lot of work but not a lot of money. No appliances, though, including no refrigerator. Turned out, they were keeping their food in styrofoam containers - efficient enough but expensive because ice is so expensive.

An appliance dealer in town was made aware of the need and the opportunity to participate in a blessing - here's the cool part: his immediate response was, what do you need. He gave - GAVE!! - this family in need a scratch and dent refrigerator, brand new, out of his store. They just loaded it on the truck and took it over there.

A) How amazing God is!! He puts people who have together with people who don't have and meets needs in ways that allow others to share in His work.

B) How cool is it that God not only allows other people to share in His work and receive the blessing that comes along with it, but when people hear about it, they praise God for His provision.

C) How interesting it is that there are people out there like this guy with the appliance shop who have enough to share what they have with others as to God. I know if I had the resources to share with other people, my biggest temptation would be to do it out of my own strength and resources! Instead of God getting the honor and glory for the work, I would - not necessarily from other people, although that would be a danger, too, but in my own head.

What makes this truly cool is Kim's quote of the week that I posted earlier today - about pride. It isn't about the things or about the ability to do for other people; it's about an attitude of the heart in whatever state we're in, and that is from God.

Anyway, just had to share the good news - thanks to God for His mercy and provision, and for His demonstration of His love and care!!

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