Monday, May 14, 2007

I Got Nothin'.......

It's just one of those days but I have nothing - not that I didn't have a good weekend (I did), but it just wasn't ... well, this is the deal.

Saturday, I slept in, got a few errands done, and went to work to get caught up on paperwork (which I did, mostly).

Sunday, I went to church, where I was officially welcomed into the church - they gave me a certificate and everything! - and I met my friend's mom and dad again. I didn't say anything to them about this, but they are much shorter than I remember! (I kid - they are probably about the same height, give or take an inch or two, but I am MUCH taller now).

Then, coolness of the cool, I installed my new/used seats in my car. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but my darling doggums has a bad habit of biting the car when we go places. He gets agitated by the vehicles whizzing by, overpasses, signs, etc., and he sinks his teeth into the foam in the back seat and just shakes his head around dislodging said foam from said seat. It looked like something took a huge bite out of the back seat of my car.

Enter eBay - my favorite place! - where I finally found a replacement. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find parts for a 1998 Honda Civic (with gray cloth interior), but I finally found some. They were surprisingly easy to install, too. Once I got the seats in, I had to spray them with some of that spray foam deodorizer (I think it's Arm & Hammer), because I think the car they came from belonged to a smoker, but they look so much better than the old ones!!

That's it - that's all I have for today. Hope you all had a happy mother's day. :)

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